Saturday, October 11, 2014

Im Sorry

I really dont know how to explain this , im sorry to everyone for being so silent these months . Ehiks . I keep myself away from everything i think as ive got too much thigs to be settled . This new journey in bachelor i think its harder than tamhidi before . I have to start focusing on studies of course , no more playing around like durin tamhidi . I really take it as reminder but thank Allah as I got the course that I want which I put it in the first choice among 4 choices that we , the accounting students have .

Ohya , why am writting in English ? Sorry guys , it cant be helped . I have to start speaking , writting , listening and reading in all English as I think this one of the ways to improve my language so for those GRAMMAR NAZI here , just help me :) You re welcomed to . Besides , I join debate team as a debater so I HAVE TO . I have to push myself .

We re okay but ya know as we live apart . Its killing me ! Sugar , Im sorry .

Aaaaa  , I want to go back to childhood century .

Ohyeah , Im become more chubby .