Friday, January 25, 2013

Dilema Ubat

How long im gonna live this -.-' What? Oh yaa 

Not the one with 'Cameron Highland' but things on it :3 

Seriesli ana macam dah give up to take all that , the kuning bulat one is menyeksakan as i have to take it everyday , the putih triangle one tu when needed and also the white capsul with orange line tu . Kalau medic student boleh lah rasenye teka eh bukan teka , tahu ubat ape tu , kan? krik krik krik 

Can i stop from consuming that medication? krik krik krik Oh nooo , i still have to take it . If i wanna get heal i have to , this is sebahagian usaha , yang lain urusan Allah . Guys , know what? I still dunno what the hell im suffering but i have to take the pills as painkillers but can you do me a favour? Will you pray for me? Thanks for your concern *smile* 


Yuyu Mi said...

cepat2 sembuh..Insyallah..kite x suka mkn ubat..alah sgt..:)

Ezad Skytech said...

sape yg sanggup setiap hari kena menghadap ubat ni...lagi2 kalau ubat yg besar2 gedabak tu...takpe la..moga cepat2 sembuh..bukan sbb ubat boleh sembuh..kita ikhtiar..dengan izinNya kita sembuh...:D