Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Berita Zahirah

This is really hard for me to tell about Zahirah as i cant stop my tears from falling down whenever i think about her . 

For this time being . Zahirah still using the ventilator as she cant breathe through nose neither mouth and the latest news i got , she will be transfered to IJN on this 25 January.

Yawls , she needs our prayers . Do pray for her .

She is here right now in Hospital Klang


Muhammad Faiz Mohamed Saaid said...

adik ipar ada kerja kat hospital klang, tapi bukan paedatrik. Semoga Allah sembuhkan Zahirah

Nadia Dscarnia said...

Be strong k Hana, semoga semuanya selamat dan semoga Zahirah cepat sembuh. Amin

Amy Hana said...

Thanks for both of you :') i appreciate it