Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attention AYR

If you're reading this , im already belong to somebody else but i just want you to know how actually my deep feelings for you before all this happen . I want you to hear these songs as they describe my true feelings towards you . I never expect we'll end like this but everything happened and there's no play back . *English berterabur*

Yea , it should be more than this , right? Maybe not :'/

We're not meant to be together forever but memories put us to be loved each other for just like summer which a season with it's end

Like i got heart attack when you decide to free me from your cage of your heart and catch someone else

Im the one who loved you from the start but i could see your heart has been taken and it's tearing up my heart

Actually , there's no word can express my feelings but they are just a part of it . Thanks for all the memories we've been through for almost 4 years since we knew each other untill everything ends just like that . Take good care of Nisa . She loves you so much . Please dont treat her like what you've done before . Please be nice with her . Please be gentle .*English berterabur* 

She cares for you and you should do the same .

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MaDiey FazuDin said...

One direction just a phenomena in this country.I love to hear some of their song too..
btw newbies in blogging world.mohon tnjk ajar ye..