Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Hate AYR The Most -.-

Salam Alaikum yawls :'/ hari ni ana seriously tak tahu macam mane nak describe ape yang ana rase . ape yang ana fikir . walau SPM dah habis ana rase macam there's something weird inside me :3 what it is? Huh . its hard . too hard to explain . Have yawls been in love? Yeaa . of course yes . same goes to me :') but i had such noob love history . SCRATCHES SCRATCHES !*ni makan die tengok Adnan Sempit . Here it is . The Cronology*ade ke words ni dalam BI? -.-

I was fourteen and berkenalan dengan seorang pelajar tahfiz*just call him AYR . di ruangan chatbox macam CBOX tu dalam blog nasyid ---> Here . and we talked about ourselves . then we continue to Yahoo Messenger(YM) cakap and cakap and cakap . pendek cerite . mase ana form3 : 6/6/2010 he asked for a relationship -.- earlier i dont really interested about this then again on 11/6/2012 he asked again . seek with pleasure by sending Maher Zain's song not the whole but maybe two or three lines of the lyrics . what a pleasure :3 and it made me changed my mind -.- he's quite gorgouse . funny . what else -.-

Everything(s) going just fine until one day . after i've finished PMR there's a guy texted me and told me that he found my number by the roadside*what a nonsense -.- make it short . he was a friend of AYR :3 make it short . AYR made me a game by passing me to that guy*call him R . ergh :3 Know what? along that 2010*maybe just half . i ended that years with a lie -.- as actually he passed me and asked for relationship from other girl -.- ergh ! It hurts me badly ! :/ It hurts me more as actually i just knew about that lie in this year ! It hurts me most when we are still . he asked for a relationship from other girl AGAIN ! -.- and yesterday night i called him . asked the reasons he did that unexceptable thing and he just answered that was JUST FOR FUN ! How could him -.- and and and . he admitted that he was not the one who asked me for a relationship but R did it :3 ergh ! I asked him to swear of the name of Allah and he did it five times ! How dare him -.- i knew that he was lying actually :3 Now . i want to let it go away as memories . NOOB MEMORIES !

Ohyeaa . esok ade KPP . ape tu? Entah . ni mase daftar lesen semalam die suruh datang esok untuk KPP . ceramah 5 jam tu -.- gilos . ape nak buat? Ohhaa . tahu tahu . main cubit-2 dengan Che Cha aa nanti :DD as die pun g jugak ;) enough here ^^V malam ni taktahu lah ade entri ke tak >.<

-teruskan berdoa untuk umat Islam di Gaza :')-


fardiyah said...

owh :') sedih kan dipermainkan....

huda said...

so pity of you my dear. *baca sikit terus stop sebab sedih meyh, tak sanggup nak baca lanjut* Sabar k hana, ni semua dugaan . we must accept it dengan redha.